• Best Makeup Artist
    It takes skill to bring beauty to life and make sure a gorgeous face looks flawless. Makeup artists know what the current trends are, what colours highlight the best in a person and how to hide the imperfections on a delicate face.
  • Best Permanent Makeup Professional
    Think of the responsibility permanent makeup professionals. Great professionals can make a permanent makeup look subtle and, at the same time, stunning!
  • Best Lash Extension Professional
    Eyelashes make all the difference, don’t they? And with such a remarkable feature on a sensitive area of the face, a trusted professional is required.
  • Best Bridal Hair
    A special occasion calls for the best professionals. We are looking for the best Hair stylists specialised in weddings!
  • Best Bridal Makeup
    A wedding is a moment that will always be remembered. And heavily photographed. The bridal makeup must be long-lasting and flawless. Nominate a professional that doesn’t shy away from this challenge.
  • Best Beauty Salon
    For all of those beauty treatments that go beyond hair and makeup. Tanning, waxing, facial treatments… Let us know what you do and why you deserve this award!
  • Best Beauty Education Provider
    We also want to celebrate the people who pass their skills on to the next generation. What are the best Beauty Training Academies in the UK? They deserve recognition!
  • Best Nail Artist
    Beauty is in details, they say. Nails definitely are one of the details that can make a difference! We want to celebrate and recognise the professionals that can go crazy in 10 fingers, just the same as the ones who can make nail polish last longer!
  • Best Mobile Hair Stylist
  • Best Educator of the Year
  • Best Waxing Specialist
  • Best Independent Beauty Therapist
  • Best Mobile Nail Technician
  • Best Nail Salon
    Is your nail salon a fun environment? A space in which everyone feels pampered while getting their nails done? Enter the National Hair and Beauty Awards!
  • Best Barber Shop
    Let’s celebrate barber shops! The small places that have mastered “the usual” and the fancy places that have taken men haircare to a whole different level! We want to recognise all of your hard work!
  • Best New Hair Salon
    Starting a new business can be a daunting experience, so let us give you a little push! If you’ve opened less than 2 years ago, enter the National Hair and Beauty Awards to get the recognition you deserve!
  • Best Brow Specialist
    Eyebrows can completely transform a face. Brow specialists have the responsibility of shaping what makes a face remarkable. If you take this job seriously, enter the National Hair and Beauty Awards.
  • Best Hair Extension Specialist
    It takes skill to make hair extensions look seamless and flawless. Nominate a hair extension specialist who does just that.
  • Best Hair Stylist
    They can make you look amazing for a special occasion or just make sure you are your better self on your day to day life. Nominate a hair stylist who deserves recognition.
  • Best Hair Salon
    A visit to a hair salon can be a self-esteem boost. We want to celebrate the salons that do an amazing job while offering the best space for clients and employees.
  • Best Colour Specialist
    They say once you dye your hair, you get addicted! Having it done by a true professional might be the reason why so many people love it! Nominate a colour specialists to the National Hair and Beauty Awards.
  • Best Massage Therapist
    More than a relaxing treatment, a massage can help with pain, posture and tension. We want to celebrate the best massage therapists in the country!