• How to nominate a person or company?
    Anyone can nominate a person or a company to enter the award. Just fill in the form telling us your name, phone number, the name of the business you are nominating, their contact information and which category you think they should apply to.
  • Who can nominate a person or a company?
    Anyone can nominate a business, whether you are a business owner, a member of the staff or a client.
  • How to enter my business?

    Any person or company that works in the hair and beauty industry can compete for the award.

    To register, it is necessary to fill in a form, explaining why you think the person or the company deserves the award in the category you are applying to and send supporting material such as pictures, videos or even client statements to info@recognisemedia.co.uk

  • Which businesses can enter?
    Any person or company that is based in the UK can enter the National Hair and Beauty Awards.
  • Why should I nominate a company or a person to win the award?
    If you’ve had a great experience with a professional or a company, you should nominated them. Nominating them for the awards means you think their work should be recognised.
  • Why should I register for the award?

    The National Hair and Beauty Awards are an opportunity to have your work recognized not only by your local community, but by a national audience. You should register because:

    • Recognition boosts morale of your team
    • Recognition increases trust of clients in your business
    • You will enjoy an amazing night out with your team and colleagues, making meaningful connections
    • Winning the award or even becoming a finalist is an amazing publicity opportunity
  • Does it cost to register?
    Registering for the award is 100% free.
  • Who decides the finalists?
    The finalists will be decided by an independent panel of judges.
  • How will the winners be selected?
    Once the finalists have been announced, clients and staff members can vote on who they think should be the winner. Together with the votes, our panel of independent judges will look further into the finalist’s applications and cast a vote on who they think should win. A combination of the two decisions will declare the winner.
  • How will I know if I’ve been shortlisted?
    Finalists will be contacted directly via email. Finalists will also be announced on this website and on our social media channels.
  • How can I attend the award ceremony?
    The award ceremony will be held on 27th October 2019 at the majestic Athena, in the heart of the country, in Leicester with the date to be announced. Booking details will be released nearer the date.
  • If I have more questions or want to send supporting material, who should I contact?

    Contact Lais Cattassini at lais@recognisemedia.co.uk or Ella Caseley at ella@recognisemedia.co.uk.

  • How can I sponsor the award?

    Contact Lais Cattassini at lais@recognisemedia.co.uk or Ella Caseley at ella@recognisemedia.co.uk.